A WIRRAL woman has smashed the Merseyside record for a 10k race, breaking a time that has stood for 36 years.

Emily Kearney, of Warriors Pentathlon and Athletic Club, was one of 3,000 runners taking part in the Trafford 10k race earlier this month.

She finished in just 32 minutes and 42 seconds - more than a minute faster than the previous best run by a Merseyside athlete that was set in 1988 by Olympian, Sue Crehan, who registered 33 minutes and 48 seconds.

A spokesperson for the Warriors said: “Emily’s success is down to a long-term training plan guided by her parents, who are the endurance coaches at the Warriors, and follows her half marathon run of 70.45 (a Merseyside record) last October in Valencia.

“This year the Warriors have gone from strength to strength as they establish themselves as the leading endurance club in Wirral.”