A GOLF fitness specialist on the Wirral has said it is nice to "have respect from golf pros in the industry".

Charlotte Forde, originally from Warrington but now living in Wallasey, has been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years.

When she was younger, Charlotte competed in Thai boxing and sprinting and then decided eight years ago to train in golf.

Speaking to the Globe, Charlotte said: "I just started playing golf and started training in golf as part of my personal training and people would tell me I was a really good golfer and I'd only ever had three lessons in my whole life.

"I just kind of figured a lot of the work I had already done, like working with power and movement in kickboxing led me into golf fitness."

In 2015, Charlotte qualified with a CPD (Continued Professional Development) in golf fitness and began training golfers. However, many golfers were asking Charlotte if she had ever looked into TPI (Titleist Performance Institute).

TPI is a golf brand based in California that runs training courses and assessments that pro-touring golfers do.

Charlotte has now had her own brand, Ellavate Fitness and Training, for five years and is TPI-qualified.

The 37-year-old added: "Golfers like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy get the same assessment as I give to people on the Wirral. 

"I'm not a coach, I work with nearly every golf coach on the Wirral. It's really nice to be on the Wirral such as when The Open was here, because when it was finished I got to help out.

"The fact I'm female and relatively young surprises people so it's nice to have that respect from the golf pros in the industry."

Wirral Globe: Charlotte golfingCharlotte golfing (Image: Charlotte Forde)

Charlotte is the only TPI-qualified trainer within a 60-mile radius, with the closest to her being in Manchester.

Her studio is based at Wirral Golf Club, on Bidston Road, and says it is "one of a kind" as her personal training fitness studio is based on a golf club.

"My services are based on injury prevention and rehabilitation from injuries", Charlotte explained.

"Common injuries are back, hip and shoulders because it's such a unilateral sport and is only played in one direction.

"They come to me for coordination and balance, power and speed but also their mobility and stability within their swing."

Wirral Globe: Charlotte with a clientCharlotte with a client (Image: Charlotte Forde)

Charlotte's youngest client is seven-years-old and her oldest client is in their 80s.

As golf is one of the most popular sports on the Wirral, Charlotte wants to raise more awareness about her brand and services.

"It's coming to the end of the golf season now so it's the perfect opportunity for them to come and see me", she said.

"Nobody really knows about it and a lot of my clients come to me via word of mouth."

To find out more about Ellavate, click here.