A lifelong Tranmere Rovers fan has praised the club for their support during the pandemic.

Barry, a life long season ticket holder, is wanting to share his story of his time during the pandemic and how Tranmere Rovers in the Community were on hand to support him.

Spending a lot of time alone in life, Barry said life can get quite lonely.

Barry told the Globe: “You get some days when you’re a bit down – we all have our ups and our downs for no particular reason and it’s just fate that somebody will pick up the phone and say, ‘how are you today, how are you doing?’

“Shirley and Steve ringing me up to check on me would form a big part of my day. It got rid of that void in my life.

Barry said that without the support from Shirley or Steve he wouldn’t be as happy as he is now.

He said: “It makes you feel that somebody wants you and somebody does think about you and cares. It helped me a lot.

“My life wouldn’t be as good without their wonderful support. It’s a brilliant family club and it’s more than just football.

“I can have a bad day and I can come down here, sit and watch a football match and feel totally different an hour and a half later, because it takes away the stresses of life.”  

For Tranmere Rovers, this year’s Mental Health Awareness Day theme is ‘do one thing’ whether that be starting a conversation about mental health, educating yourself more around mental health or a gesture that can change how someone is feeling.  

Barry said: “People say ‘mental health? Just get better’ but it’s not just a case of pull yourself together and get on with it because you need support and you need an outlet.”  

To mark this years Mental Health Awareness Day, Barry will be presented with a signed picture from the first team squad.

Head of community, Steve Williams, said: “It’s no secret that Barry is a massive Tranmere Rovers fan. Everyone around Prenton Park, fans, staff, know who Barry is.  

"He is a huge asset to what we do here and is a valued member of Tranmere Rovers in the Community and brings a lot of laughter to our sessions and is often the one to pick people up when they are having a bad day.  

“When he was finding things a little harder than normal during lockdown, we felt it was only right that we were on hand to make sure he was ok and as soon as we could get him back together with the Thursday group the better. 

“For as long as Barry needs us and the Club, we will be there for him.”

To find out more about the support offered by Tranmere Rovers in the Community, please email community@tranmererovers.co.uk