A dad says the rules excluding his son’s grassroots football team from taking part in the Cheshire FA is ‘unfair’.

Dave Huxley, from Neston, has slammed Cheshire FA’s rules which excludes grassroot players from other leagues playing in their respective County Cup.

Dave’s explained to the Globe that because his 13-year-old son, Ethan, plays for a team that takes part in a grassroot league called the Junior Premier League (JPL) it denies him and his teammates eligibility to take part in their county cup.

Dave said: “This means classmates at my son’s school can take part in the County Cup playing for their respective teams but my son cannot because he plays for Vauxhall Motors JFC which take part in the JPL.

“This step that the Cheshire FA took to exclude JPL from the county league is unprecedented really because they are the only team in the county to do it.”

In the Cheshire County FA rules under ‘eligibility of players’ it states: “Contract players, as defined in Football Association Rules, are not permitted in this competition.

Wirral Globe: David Huxley says the rules excluding his son's team are 'unfair'David Huxley says the rules excluding his son's team are 'unfair'

“No player registered with a F.A. Premier League or Football League Academy under the Elite Player Performance Plan contained within Youth Development Rules (F.A. Web Site) will be permitted to play in this Competition.

“This includes players registered or having played within the Junior Premier League in the current season.”

However, Dave says he disagrees with the rule.

“The JPL is a grassroots league it’s not an elite set up.

“The rules written around the FA premier league clubs and the English football league clubs captures professional clubs which have academies.

“So to label the JPL in that bracket isn’t appropriate because any kids can play in the JPL,” he said.

Dave says as well as himself, other parents feel the rule restricting their children playing in county competitions is unjustified.

He said: “Ultimately it affects the kids. You’ve got kids from the ages of eight all the way up to 15 in the Cheshire County and if they play for a team in the PJL they are not allowed to be in any of the county competitions.

Wirral Globe: Dave's son, Ethan.Dave's son, Ethan.

“I don’t think it’s right or fair to punish the kids over the structure of grassroots football whether it be in the county or across England.”

Dave says he worries about young players being able to progress with restrictions in place.

He said: “As soon as you start restricting opportunities to play football with different teams and places in different competitions you are affecting their experiences.

“Ethan is dissapointed. He wants to play in the Cheshire cup.

“When he hears other kids talking about it in school it doesn’t make him feel very good - it makes him feel left out.

“All the kids want to play in as many competitions as they can because it’s exciting for them and I am all for kids having as much opportunity in life as they can.”

The Globe contacted Cheshire FA for a comment.