Mark Palios has said that he is unsure whether the Football League season will now be finished, due to the impact of coronavirus.

The last professional football match played in Merseyside was Liverpool v Athletico Madrid on March 12.

Since then, all football activity has been suspended with no date yet set for a return to action.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Tranmere Rovers chairman Mr Palios said: "Last Thursday was the first time I found myself saying 'I'm finding it really difficult to see this season getting finished.

"The longer it goes on, I would suspect we get to the point whereby we don't complete the season and that's accepted and whatever happens with promotion and relegation will happen.

"I know that playing behind closed doors has been looked at as an option for lower league clubs but I am yet to be convinced that they will find an option that will be sufficient to really make a difference commercially as opposed to playing in front of a crowd.

"Playing in front of a crowd is still the major thing for us as a lower league club."

It is reported that clubs below Championship level rely on gate receipts for 50% of their income.

As a result, Mr Palios believes that clubs will soon need to make redundancies and that football authorities will need to remove the existing sanctions that are applied to clubs that fall into administration.

He added: "We need to make sure that when we come out we don't miss the opportunity to start to regulate the wages market."