Wirral 22, Rossendale 27

WITH a number of changes from last week’s game, Wirral unfortunately lost their first home league game of the season to Rossendale in the last minute of the game.

It was Rossendale playing with the wind in the first half who took the lead in the third penalty with a penalty by Allan and after 10 minutes increased their lead to 0-10, when play in the Wirral 20m area enabled the opposition centre Strong to touch down.

Gradually Wirral worked their way into the game and after concentrated play in the Rossendale 20m area quick passing enabled James Reeves to breach the away defence to score close to the posts and was duly converted by James Annetts.

In this period of Wirral's ascendancy, further Wirral pressure resulted in second row Hayden Long touching down in the corner and the conversion gave Wirral a 14-10 lead after 32 minutes.

In the minutes before half time, a Wirral lost ball in mid-field led to Rossendale centre, Bedlow breaking through to score and allowing Rossendale to take the lead 14-17.

From the kick off the ball was lost by Rossendale and a penalty gave Wirral possession in the away 20m area. Pressure resulted in Josh Connolly scoring from a couple of metres out in the corner to give Wirral a 19-17 lead at half-time.

Early in the second half both teams exchanged penalties to leave the score at 22-20.

Wirral put pressure on Rossendale and had a try disallowed for a foot in touch inches from the try line.

Rossendale were working hard to work their way up field and were getting desperate with a 50m penalty attempt against the wind and then a failed drop kick attempt.

Wirral were controlling play in the Rossendale half as the minutes passed away until a missed tackle gave Rossendale the chance to attack and they capitalised on this with winger, Waring scoring close to the posts.

For the final minute of the game the Rossendale forwards controlled the ball from the kick off until the final whistle was blown.

A disappointing result for Wirral given that with better control of the ball and thus the game could have given them their first league victory of the season.