THE winner of this week's Winter Flyers Tournament was Tixall's Mick Andrews, who beat Gladstone's Joe Edwards in the final.

Andrews was a little too good for young Finley Hormbrey of Ledsham in his quarter-final game and then he reached the final with a win over St George's Derek Smith.

In his quarter-final game Edwards had a good win over his team mate at Gladstone, Ray Lynch, and then he had a great win over West Kirby Victoria's John Harrison, the winner for the last two weeks.

Edwards played well in the final but in the end it was to be yet another win on a Sunday morning for Andrews.


Quarter Finals: M. Andrews 21, F. Hormbrey 12; D. Smith 21, R. Bendrey 20; J.Edwards 21, R.Lynch 14; J. Harrison 21, N. Woodard 16.

Semi Finals: Andrews 21, Smith 14; Edwards 21, Harrison 18. Final: Andrews 21, Edwards 17.