ON a very cold and windy morning in Birkenhead Park Tixall's Anthony O'Neill continued his domination of this series of the Winter Flyers beating Heswall's Ritchie Jamieson in the final to record his fourth win and establish a huge lead in the points table.

Though the cold weather meant there was rather a low turn out there were still some highly competitive games as players sought to get as many points as possible before the final tournament of the season.

O'Neill reached the final with wins against West Kirby Victoria's John Harrison and then New Brighton Quarry Vikings Eddie Dutton.

Meanwhile Jamieson came through in two close battles, firstly against Cammell Laird's Rob Lewis and then West Kirby Park's Bill Atkinson.

Though all the games prior to the final had been reasonably tight O'Neill had a very convincing win in the final.

Next Sunday is the last chance for players to try and get sufficient points to qualify for the Top Sixteen tournament which is taking place on Sunday, April 1.


Quarter Finals: A. O'Neill (Tixall) 21, J. Harrison (West Kirby Victoria) 16; E. Dutton (New Brighton Quarry Vikings) 21, A. Buchanan (Magazine) 19; W. Atkinson (West Kirby Park) 21, P. McGhee (Cammell Laird) 12; R. Jamieson (Heswall RBL) 21, R. Lewis) Cammell Laird) 18.

Semi Finals: O'Neill 21, Dutton 18; Jamieson 21, Atkinson 19. Final: O'Neill 21, Jamieson 11.