ON a much more pleasant day in Birkenhead Park it was one of the 'foreign' marauders who won this week's Flyers Tournament.

Mike Coupe, who plays for the Houghton Club in Preston, has been making occasional visits for a couple of years now and with some brilliant play he beat New Brighton Quarry Viking's John Cosgrove in the final to plunder the top prize.

In his quarter-final match Coupe had a great win over the player who is the current leader in the points table, Tixall's Anthony O'Neil and then in the semis he was a little too good for Royden Hall's Neil Turner.

Cosgrove beat Hoylake Central's Tommy Walker in the quarters before having a great win over Tixall's Dave McDermott to go through to the final.

The green was in very good condition and this helped the finalists to produce an excellent game of bowls.

Cosgrove played well but he was not able to prevent Coupe from becoming yet another player to have his first win in these tournaments.


Quarter Finals: N. Turner (Royden Hall) 21, J. Isaac (Manor Road) 18; M. Coupe (Houghton, Preston) 21, A. O'Neill (Tixall) 13; J. Cosgrove (New Brighton Quarry Vikings) 21, T. Walker (Hoylake Central) 16: D. McDermott (Tixall) 21, P. Roberts (Hawksbury) 17.