GLADSTONE'S Nigel Hughes chose a harsh day to return to the Flyers Tournament on Sunday.

But he coped very well with the difficult conditions and dominated his games to take a good win, beating Tixall's Anthony O'Neill in the final.

Hughes' most difficult game was in the quarter final against team mate Joe Edwards, but he came through to then beat Heswall's Ritchie Jamieson in the semis.

O'Neill was a little too good for St George's Vic Williams in the quarters and then he had an excellent win over Hawksbury's Paul Roberts in the semi final.

Despite the viciously cold weather and occasional sleet the two finalists produced a good game in which Hughes always had the edge and he took the first prize and, with just one appearance, put himself in a good position in the points table.


Quarter Finals: N. Hughes (Gladstone) 21, J. Edwards (Gladstone) 18, R. Jamieson (Heswall RBL) 21, P. McGhee 08, A. O'Neill (Tixall) 21 V. Williams (St George) 14; P. Roberts (Hawksbury) 21, J. Fitzpatrick (Tixall) 16.