ANOTHER cold sunny morning in Birkenhead Park produced a really interesting series of games which resulted in a first ever win at the Winter Flyers for John Hignett Snr.

One of the more experienced players, Hignett has been coming over from Liverpool each Sunday for several years now. In the final he came from behind to beat Gladstone's Joe Edwards.

In his quarter final match Hignett beat the winner of a couple of weeks ago, Cammell Laird's Peter McGhee and then he had a close win over the rapidly improving young Finley Hormbrey of Ledsham Royal.

To reach the semi-final Finley had had to first beat his father Adam in his quarter final game.

In his quarter final game Edwards had a tremendous 21-20 win over Tixall's Anthony O'Neill and then he beat Hoylake Central's Tommy Walker in the semi-final.

In the early exchanges the final was a close affair and when Edwards pulled away to establish an 18-13 lead it looked as though it was game over but Hignett came back with some great bowls to take his victory and the top prize.

As an added bonus for Hignett this win also pushed him up to the top of the points leader board.


Quarter Finals: F. Hormbrey (Ledsham Royal) 21, A.Hormbrey (Ledsham Royal) 16; J. Hignett Snr (Black Horse) 21, P. McGhee (Cammell Lairds) 18; J. Edwards (Gladstone) 21, A. O'Neill (Tixall) 20; T. Walker (Hoylake Central) 21, J. Hignett Jnr (Manchester) 11.