Carlsberg West Cheshire League

RESULTS: Tuesday, January 23:Division One: Marine Res 1, Cammell Laird Res 1.Saturday, January 27:Division One: Christleton 2, Vauxhall Motors Res 1; Castrol Social 3, Maghull 3; Heswall 1, Ashville 1; Marine Res 0, New Brighton 0; Merseyside Police 2, Ellesmere Port 2; Newton 1, Blacon YC 2; Poulton Victoria 1, West Kirby 4; Upton AA 1, Cammell Laird Res 2.Division Two: Ashville Res 2, Christleton Res 0; Chester Nomads 0, Poulton Victoria Res 6; Halton 4, Willaston 4; Maghull Res 0, Runcorn Town 2; Mallaby 0, Heswall Res 0; MANWEB 5, FC Pensby 4; New Brighton Res 2, Capenhurst Villa 2; West Kirby Res 3, Helsby 0.Division Three: Blacon YC Res 1, Focus 6; Capenhurst Villa Res 1, Merseyside Police Res 4. Manor Ath 1, AFC Bebington Ath 0; Mersey Royal 5, Bronze Social 4; Runcorn Town Res 2, Shaftesbury 0; Willaston Res 4, Grange Ath 2.Youth Division: Maghull 3, Lakewood 2.FIXTURES: Saturday, February 3 (kick-off 2pm unless stated otherwise):Pyke Cup (3rd Rd, kick-off 3pm): Poulton Victoria v Maghull.Division One: Aintree Villa v Christleton; Blacon YC v Ashville; Cammell Laird Res v Ashville Social (kick-off 3pm); Heswall v Newton; Marine Res v Merseyside Police (kick-off 3pm); Vauxhall Motors Res v Ellesmere Port (kick-off 3pm); West Kirby v Upton AA.Division Two: Ashville Res v Heswall Res (kick-off 3pm); Capenhurst Villa v FC Pensby; Christleton Res v MANWEB; Halton v West Kirby Res; Helsby v Poulton Victoria Res; Maghull Res v Mallaby; New Brighton Res v Chester Nomads; Willaston v Runcorn Town.Division Three: AFC Bebington Ath v Capenhurst Villa Res; Bronze Social v Blacon YC Res; Ellesmere Port Res v Focus; Manor Ath v Runcorn Town Res; Merseyside Police Res v Grange Ath; Shaftesbury v Mersey Royal; Upton AA Res v St Werburgh's.Youth Division (kick-off 11am): Ashville v Lakewood; Richmond Raith Rovers v Maghull; West Kirby v Hale.Tuesday, February 6 (kick-off 7pm):West Cheshire Shield (Semi-Final): Bronze Social v AFC Bebington Ath (at Ashville FC).Wednesday, February 7 (kick-off 7.30pm):Runcorn District FA Senior Cup (Semi-Final): Helsby v Moore Utd (at Pavilions Sports Complex).Birkenhead & Wirral AF LeagueRESULTS: Saturday, January 27:Division One: AC Brookley 0, Beechwood Social 3; Bird in Hand 1, Parkfield BA 0; New Ferry AFC 4, Kelma 3; Sports Bar 4, Manor Ath 2; Universal Windows 2, Windsor Perch Rock 4. Postponed: Admiral v Upton Villa.Division Two: Big House 4, Central Park 3; Bronze Social 2, Upton FC 1; FC Village 0, Trafalgar Rangers 2; Future 1, Wirral Wndrs 0; Tower 10, Bebington Rovers 2; Town Lane 2, Claughton Hotel 2. Postponed: Black Horse Wallasey v New Dock.FIXTURES: Saturday, February 3 (kick-off 2pm unless stated otherwise):Regent Cup (2nd Rd): Black Horse Wallasey v New Ferry AFC.Trueman Cup (1st Rd): Bebington Rovers v Wirral LFC; Central Park v Wirral Wndrs; Claughton Hotel v Upton FC; Future v Town Lane; New Dock v Bronze Social; Tower v Big House; Trafalgar Rangers v FC Village.Division One (kick-off 2.30pm): Admiral v Bird in Hand; AC Brookley v Black Horse Borough; Kelma v Manor Ath; Sports Bar v Universal Windows; Windsor Perch Rock v Parkfield BA.Houlihan's Birkenhead Sunday LeagueRESULTS: Sunday, January 28:Wirral District FA Sunday Premier Cup: Penny Lane 2, The Tower 3 (after extra-time); Warwick 0, FC Prenton 2.Houlihan's Memorial Challenge Cup: Stirrup Sports & Social 1, Bidston Hotel 4; Parkside 0, Brow FC 4; Houlihan's Variety Club 3, Woodchurch 2; Beehive FC 2, Heygarth FC 3.Premier Division: Royal & Sun Alliance 0, Dock FC 3. Division One: St John's Celtic 1, Rangers Breaks 1.Division Two: Saddle Club 1, Windmill Bar-Cuba 4.Division Three: Bushell Ath 3, Tranmere Victoria 1; Saughall 0, Argyle 5; St Mary's CC 1, Hallmark 4; Wirral Liberals 1, FC Vaults 1.Division Four: Bromborough Hotel 3, King's AFC 0; Devonshire Park 0, Tranmere Park 4; Shillings Bar 1, Car Spa FC 1; AFC Mississippi 6, Blue Bell 4; Wirral Nomads 5, Irby Yth 1.Cheshire County FA Under-17 Youth Cup: Vauxhall Colts 6, Wilmslow Yth 0.Youth Division Cleveland Cup: Ashville Yth 3, Shaftesbury Yth 1; Neston Nomads Yth 2, Heswall Yth 7; Stork Yth 3, Newton Ath Colts 4 (after extra-time); Ellesmere Port Yth 3, Newton Ath 1.Youth Division: Glenavon Yth 2, New Brighton Colts 2.FIXTURES: Sunday, February 4 (kick-off 11am):Cheshire FA Sunday Cup (5th Rd): Shell/Jackson's Boat v Queens Park; St Joseph's (Winsford) v Dock.Cheshire FA Sunday Amateur Cup (Semi-Final): Heswall Windows v Windmill Bar-Cuba.Wirral District FA Sunday Junior Cup (Semi-Final): King's AFC v Oyster Catcher.Houlihan's Memorial Challenge Cup (2nd Rd): Saddle Club v Penny Lane.Houlihan's Memorial Challenge Cup (3rd Rd): Houlihan's Variety Club v Woodchurch.Premier Division: Bidston Hotel v Brow; FC Beehive v Shaftesbury Yth 'A'; Stirrup Sports and Social v Royal Sun Alliance.Division One: Rangers Breaks v Hoylake Utd.Division Two: Nova v Young Lions; St Joseph's v Noble Ark; Ultra Seal v Sandbrook.Division Three: Bushell Ath v Argyle; Irby FC v Hallmark; St Mary's CC v Bridge Inn; Tranmere Victoria v Saughall FC.Division Four: Bromborough Hotel v AFC Mississippi; Claughton Village Hotel v Shillings Bar; Heswall RBL v Blue Bell; Irby Yth v Devonshire Park; Tranmere Park v Car Spa.Youth Division Cleveland Cup: Vauxhall Yth v Ashville Colts.Youth Division: Glenavon v Newton Ath Colts; Newton Ath v Vauxhall Colts; New Brighton Colts v Ellesmere Port Yth; Shaftesbury Yth v Ashville Yth. Neston Nomads Yth v Heswall Yth.Wirral Sunday LeagueRESULTS: Sunday, January 28:Senior Cup (2nd Rd): Hilbre 2, Wallasey Village 2 (Hilbre won 3-2 on penalties); Halfway House 1, MSC Eastham 6; Sportsman's Arms 5, PSI 0; Village 3, Bebington Ath 1.Martin Caulfield Junior Cup (2nd Rd): Archers Utd 2, Stanley's 2 (Stanley's won 4-2 on penalties); The Eagle 1, Mersey Rangers 3; Octel Club 1, Wirral Ath 3; Pollards Inn 2, Sandridge 2 (Pollards Inn won 4-2 on penalties).Premier Division: Old Market 2, Towers 2; Red Cat 3, Sportsman's 1; St Joseph's 3, Bromborough Allport 1; Victoria Seniors 1, Lancelyn 0. Postponed: New Ferry Wirral Hotel v Wirral Health.Division One: PSV 1, ESWA 3; 27 Club 2, Kent FC 2.Division Two: Arriva Wirral 4, Riverside Town 4; Mayfields 0, Railway 3.FIXTURES: Sunday, February 4 (kick-off 11am):Wirral District FA Sunday Amateur Cup (Semi-Final): Grange v PSI.Wirral District FA Sunday Junior Cup (Semi-Final): The Eagle v Wirral Ath.Pyke Sunday Cup (3rd Rd): Towers v St Josephs.Challenge Cup (3rd Rd): Bromborough Allport v Railway; Victoria Seniors v Stanley's.Premier Division: New Ferry Wirral Hotel v Red Cat; Sportsman's v Old Market.Division One: Bebington Ath v Hilbre; Kent FC v ESWA; MSC Eastham v Halfway House; PSV v 27 Club; Wallasey Village v Sportsman's Arms.Division Two: Mersey Rangers v Arriva Wirral; Pollards Inn v Archers Utd; Riverside Town v Mayfields; Sandridge v Tixall's.Wallasey Sunday LeagueRESULTS: Sunday, January 28:Magee Cup (1st Rd): Pilot Boat 0, Clarence FC 7; Egremont Ferry 5, The Ship 2; Poulton Royal 2, Windsor 0.Wirral District FA Sunday Premier Cup: Penny Lane 2, The Tower 3 (after extra-time).Dutchman Cup (2nd Rd): Telegraph 1, Seaview 6; Townfield 6, FC Victoria 3; Vineyard 0, Oyster Catcher 5. Postponed: JB Leasing v The Brighton.Premier Division: The Office 7, Bronze Social 1.Division One: Prince Alfred 0, Grange FC 2. Postponed: Upton FC v Tower Ath.Division Two: Stanley's Cask 2, Phoenix 0; Rycroft Rovers 5, Blu FC 1.Youth Division: Upton Yth 1, Parkfield Yth 1; Shore Villa Colts 4, Wirral Scorpions 1; Princes Villa Yth 2, Princes Utd 2; Heygarth Utd 3, Higher Bebington 0. Postponed: Irby Yth v Liscard Panthers.FIXTURES: Sunday, February 4 (kick-off 11am):Wirral District FA Sunday Junior Cup (Semi-Final): Oyster Catcher v Kings. Wirral District FA Sunday Amateur Cup (Semi-Final): Grange FC v PSI.Premier Division: The Ship v The Tower; Windsor v Clarence FC; The Office v Egremont Ferry; Poulton Royal v Cheshire Cheese.Division One Cup (Semi-Final): Pilot Boat v Townfield.Division One: Seaview v Prince Alfred; Vineyard v Tower Ath; Telegraph v Upton FC.Division Two: The Brighton v JB Leasing; Blu FC v FC Victoria.Youth Division: Ellesmere Port v Irby Yth; Heygarth Utd v Princes Utd; Princes Villa Yth v Wirral Scorpions; Liscard Panthers v Higher Bebington JFC.Eastham Sunday Junior LeagueRESULTS: Sunday, January 28:Under-16 Division: Allport Hawks 2, Poulton Victoria 0; Castrol Raby Ath 2, Shaftesbury YC 0; Eastham Blades 1, Ashville 1; Heygarth Utd 1, Ellesmere Port 5; Neston Nomads 2, Christleton New Scene 2; Shore Villa 1, Liscard Panthers 2; Victoria Laird Colts 5, Vauxhall 1.Under-15 Division: Ashville 6, Young Lions 0; Helsby JFC 7, Shaftesbury YC 0; Liscard Panthers 1, Higher Bebington 1; Neston Nomads 3, Heswall 1; Stork Yth 1, Heygarth Utd 1; Vauxhall 1, Poulton Victoria 1.Under-14 Division: Allport Hawks 0, Castrol Raby Ath 3; Heswall 2, Vauxhall 3; Liscard Panthers 1, Eastham Rangers 6; Poulton Victoria 1, Ashville 3; Shaftesbury YC 2, Heygarth Utd 5; West Kirby Wasps 2, Victoria Laird Colts 5.Under-13 Division 'A': Ashville 4, Neston Nomads 3; Oxton Yth 1, Stork Yth 2; Vauxhall 3, West Kirby Wasps 2; Victoria Laird Colts 6, Shore Villa 0.Under-13 Division 'B': Higher Bebington 6, Young Lions 1; Shaftesbury YC 6, Allport Hawks 0; West Kirby Panthers 1, Heygarth Utd 5.Under-12 Division 'A': Ashville 4, West Kirby Wasps 2; Ellesmere Port 1, Ridgewood Rangers 2; Liscard Panthers 2, Higher Bebington 1; Shore Villa 0, Vauxhall 5; Victoria Laird Colts 4, AC Dynamos 2.Under-12 Division 'B': Heswall 1, Poulton Victoria 1; Shaftesbury YC 0, Newton Ath 6; Stork Yth 1, Neston Nomads 2; Young Lions 1, Heygarth Utd 2.Under-11 JH Division: Poulton Victoria 6, Shaftesbury YC 1; Shore Villa 6, Neston Nomads 2; Vauxhall 6, Ashville 0; Young Lions 0, West Kirby Wasps 8.Under-11 SB Division: Heygarth Utd 3, Victoria Laird Colts 2; Higher Bebington 2, Eastham Rangers 1.FIXTURES: Sunday, February 4 (kick-off 2.15pm):Under-16 Division: Allport Hawks v Heygarth Utd; Ashville v Parkgate; Liscard Panthers v Christleton New Scene; Shore Villa v Shaftesbury YC.Under-15 Division: Allport Hawks v Stork Yth; Heswall v Helsby JFC; Heygarth Utd v Poulton Victoria; Liscard Panthers v Ashville; Shaftesbury YC v Neston Nomads; Vauxhall v Higher Bebington.Under-14 Division: Heswall v Eastham Rangers; Shaftesbury YC v Allport Hawks; Victoria Laird Colts v Castrol Raby Ath; West Kirby Wasps v Liscard Panthers.Under-13 Division 'A': Ashville v Vauxhall; Neston Nomads v Liscard Panthers; Shore Villa v Oxton Yth.Under-13 Division 'B': Eastham Rangers v West Kirby Panthers; Helsby JFC v Allport Hawks; Young Lions v Shaftesbury YC.Under-12 Division 'A': Ashville v AC Dynamos; Ellesmere Port v Shore Villa; Higher Bebington v West Kirby Wasps; Ridgewood Rangers v Vauxhall.Under-12 Division 'B': Neston Nomads v Newton Ath; Poulton Victoria v Young Lions.Under-11 JH Division: Shaftesbury YC v Neston Nomads; Vauxhall v Poulton Victoria; West Kirby Panthers v Young Lions; West Kirby Wasps v Ridgewood Rangers.Under-11 SB Division: Liscard Panthers v Allport Hawks; Stork Yth v Heswall.