Drivers behind the wheel of a self-driving car should not be legally responsible for the actions of the vehicle if it goes wrong according to a new proposal. 

The news comes as the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission asked for legal reforms allowing drivers to be immune from prosecution if the self-driving car did anything wrong, such as running a red light or speeding. 

Created by a legal review body, they suggest that there should be a clear distinction between features that assist drivers and features that are self-driving. 

The plans of the legal body suggest that the body or company in authorisation of the technology would instead face sanctions. 

Wirral Globe: Self-driving users may not be responsible. (Canva)Self-driving users may not be responsible. (Canva)

However, the person in the driving seat would still be responsible for other duties, including obtaining insurance, checking loads, and ensuring the safety of passengers.

It also reports that self-driving passengers services should be made more accessible to older and disabled people. 

Transport minister Trudy Harrison said the development of self-driving vehicles in the UK “has the potential to revolutionise travel, making everyday journeys safer, easier and greener”.

Harrison added: "However, we must ensure we have the right regulations in place, based upon safety and accountability, in order to build public confidence."

Currently, fully driverless cars are not legally permitted in the UK however autonomous features are still being developed by car makers.