Cooking at home is often fun and cost effective but sometimes we want how to switch things up a bit.

Eating the same meals can get a little boring from time to time but we think Aldi's Specialbuys know how you can create some exciting dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Aldi is selling a pasta machine, giving you the chance to cook from scratch and perhaps try something new.

It’s very quick to use so this alternative meal idea doesn’t have to be kept for a rainy day.

Ambiano Electric Pasta Machine

Wirral Globe: Ambiano Electric Pasta Machine (Aldi)Ambiano Electric Pasta Machine (Aldi)

Price: £49.99

Guarantee/warranty: 3 years

This pasta machine can help you make pasta in approximately 5 minutes.

You’ll be able to play around with the 7 options giving you a choice of which pasta shape you’d like to make.

It comes with dishwasher safe parts, meaning tidying up afterwards is easy.

The pasta machine is available to pre-order online now.

It will not be sold in-store so you will only be able to buy online via Aldi’s website.