THERE was almost two-and-a-half hours of disruptions to some train services in central Scotland after a car ended up on the track at a railway station today.

Network Rail first alerted people to disruptions to services running through Stirling Railway Station at around 3.59pm on Twitter.

The post said delays were expected to run until 6pm.

It was then discovered that the cause of the disruption was a black car on the track at the station.

The vehicle had somehow managed to find itself in the dip between two platforms and was spread sideways across two railway lines, with a train at a standstill behind it.

Both of the car's doors were flung wide open.

One Twitter user asked the first obvious question that comes to mind: "It's gotta be asked, how the Hell did it get there like that?"

That still remains a mystery, but another Twitter commenter posed the theory that it had come from the car park.

The poster said: "Someone mentioned on ScotRail's post that it came from the car park.

"There is only a metal fence between the car park and the station."

The car was eventually cleared from the tracks at around 5.32pm.

Engineers still had to carry out inspections at that point though to check if the lines had been damaged in any way.

The track and trains then began running as normal again at around 6.26pm.