The team behind WhatsApp are reportedly trialing a new 'always mute' option to put the brakes on annoying group chats.

While group chats are a handy way of speaking to numerous people all at once, they can in some situations can prove quite useful.

However, if you’re in a group chat which never stays silent, with notifications relentlessly popping up, you may be pleased to hear that WhatsApp is looking at ways to mute these chats forever.

What is the ‘always mute’ option?

According to WhatsApp news website WABetaInfo, the minds behind the popular messaging service are currently working on a new feature, which could let users block out annoying chats by muting them forever.

Currently, the longest amount of time that WhatsApp will let you mute a chat for is one year, but the company has just released a new beta update for Android, which features a new ‘always mute’ option, allowing testers to mute a chat forever.

In an online post, WABetaInfo said: "The feature is appearing today for beta testers. If it does not appear, please be patient and you will receive this option within a few days."

Which other features is WhatsApp currently planning?

WhatsApp has made a variety of other changes with the recent beta version of the app for Android, including hiding the voice and video call options in chats with verified business accounts.

However, these buttons are still available if you tap the profile icon in the chat and contact list, and it’s currently unclear whether the options were removed by mistake, or if WhatsApp is planning on making communications with businesses text-only.

WhatsApp has begun testing another new feature, which would enable self-destructing photos and videos that automatically disappear when the recipient leaves the chat.

It is not yet known if the feature will get rolled out to general WhatsApp users.