THE council newspaper Wirral View is certainly making headlines – but not for the reasons they intended.

It was the lead story on the well-respected website Hold The Front Page – which reports on the media, and is read by politicians and movers and shakers in the newspaper and broadcasting industries.

A well-balanced report on Wirral View's controversial arrival – ignoring government rules.

Happily, now everyone can read all about it.

Before I put my copy in the recycling bin where it can do some good, I am still amazed the council has gone ahead with this blatantly one-sided propaganda publication.

They publish the contact details of all 66 elected councillors with the following quote: "All councillors have a role in reviewing decisions and decision- making." 

So, in that respect, let them all have a voice.

Wirral View should welcome debate – let the residents sound off, too.

They owe it to the taxpayers who pay for it and who want to know what is being done with their money.

The Wirral Globe, including this apolitical opinion column, will continue to criticise and praise where it is due.

I went into journalism 40 years ago, inspired by those who wanted to publish what certain people didn’t want published while adhering to a strict code of conduct.

Transparency, it seems, is still the buzz word for the Labour- controlled council group and their 2020 vision.

I hope their Christmas edition tells residents more about the issues that matter, such as the forthcoming Super Authority.

They could explain how a £60,000 firework display can be deemed free. Was it value for money or just your money going up in smoke?

And to the person who wrote to me about my previous column, asking: "Could your comments be classed as bias seeing you write for the Globe and they pay you, or at least I assume they pay you?" 

This was accompanied by two exclamation marks.

Yes, I am a freelance journalist.

That is how I earn a living.

I am not a registered charity.

The writers for Wirral View aren't doing it for free – not a labour of love.

I am proud to be given the opportunity to report for a real, independent award-winning, campaigning newspaper for the community – one that speaks up for those who want to speak out.


TALKING about transparency, when you pick up the Globe next week America will have a new president.

One of the ugliest elections in modern history will be over.

Yet even right up to Hallowe'en they could not resist putting personalities over politics.

"Grope and no glory," said the Clinton camp about Donald creating "Trumpkins" (orange pumpkins).

Trump came up with "Hillary the Bumpkin Pumpkins" covered in e-mails.

Gun Laws, healthcare, the economy were all overshadowed.

US politics has been aptly described as "showbiz for ugly people".

I just hope that American-styled electioneering – now called "Scandalabra" by commentators – doesn't travel across the Atlantic.

A terrifying thought that the victor of such bitter, squalid mud- slinging and in-fighting has his or her finger on the nuclear button.



Everton FC are top of the Premiership – not on points but for being the real "Peoples' Club".

I support all three Merseyside teams.

But I have a special place for the Toffees (I also love Barker and Dobson Everton mints).

I remember EFC sending a letter of condolence to the family when my True Blue Aunt Sheila passed away.

They care about their lifelong fans. And clearly they respect their staff.

Now, Everton, like Chelsea, have signed up to the Living Wage Foundation, ensuring a pay rise for all its lowest paid staff.


Everton’s motto is: "Nils Satis Nisi Optimum", which means "Nothing but the best is good enough".

How true of this club that wears its heart on its blue sleeves.

Peter Grant