WIRRAL is going Loopy ... it's official – many commuters will reluctantly be going off the rails for six months.

Full credit for Merseytravel, Merseyrail and Network Rail for telling us how to cope with the unwanted monumental disruption when they close the city centre loop line for essential work.

Like many others, I am dreading it.

I don't like change.

I lived in London for a few years and the Tube was reliable, always getting me from A to B.

It was functional and seldom let me down.

Now I have heard those dreaded words again ... "Bus Replacement Service" (cue scary organ music from the Phantom of the Opera ).

BRS does have a poor image nationally and locally.

The priority now has to be to improve it – spend money, invest in making it better for the general public.

I am a fan of our local rail service. I always fill in their survey forms.

But I hate getting on and off at Birkenhead North – can they at least give us a decent state-of-the- art waiting room?

BRS adds time and strain to every re-arranged journey.

I wonder have the people who implement such plans ever experienced it for a whole week?

Let alone six months?

I always feel that the BRS drivers believe they are doing us a favour – like a transport cavalry.

This disruption is now going to be a two-way exercise.

We have been promised "a high-quality express bus service." 

Let's remind them of this if we don't get it.

Replacement buses will be "ready’’ to "fill and go." 

One of the most over-used phrases in the English language is "Sorry for the inconvenience." 

Now's their chance to prove it.

From January to June all our daily schedules are going to change from car drivers, commuters to cyclists.

We have to grin and bare it.

Apart from essential rail work essential communication work is also needed.

Please keep us all "in the loop" for every single journey.


I HAVE never been a fan of Glastonbury – the very thought of travelling to and back from a mud-filled field to listen to musicians is not on my bucket list.

I prefer gigs closer to home, such as next month’s Wirral International Guitar Festival.

It is an attraction we should be proud of – not to be taken for granted.

The IGF is rightly well-respected throughout the music and entertainment industry – a super showcase, happily with strings attached.

And this November sees another great line-up at New Brighton's Floral Pavilion.

I am looking forward to seeing some masters of their respective art forms in concert.

Joe Brown and Glenn Tilbrook, who are both fans of Wirral and excel at intimate shows.

Joe inspired me to play the ukulele and the last time he was here he signed my own uke.

Just Joe is the modest title of his gig. Another highlight is Glenn Tilbrook, who last appeared at the Blue Lounge with fellow Squeeze frontman Chris Difford.

I once missed an arranged phone interview with him when he rang my home.

My mum chatted to him and told me when I returned home that the "new Squeeze album recording was going well." 

The last time I saw Mr T, he asked (20 years on) "How's your mum?"

They don't make stars like that any more.


THEY do make comedians like that, however.

Take John Bishop, who has never forgotten his roots.

John has just announced his October tour dates for 2017.

His tour is called Winging It and JB confessed he hasn't written a single word of it...yet.

But, rest assured, it will be a cracking gig at the Liverpool Arena.

I once gave him "ten out of ten" for a faultless solo show he did.

Later he spotted me in the street and thanked me personally.

Now John, who cares about giving value-for-money on stage, says he won’t ever be performing on Mondays.

He's noticed that audiences don’t seem to like going out on that dismal day.

John had his own fair share of them before he gave up his day job.

He may be winging it but there’s nothing unprepared about "The Bish" even if he goes on stage without a script.

Brave indeed. I look forward to what I now call his I don’t like Mondays Tour.

Peter Grant