I HAVE always been a big fan of the famous comedy legends The Goons.

Now I have another equally surreal comedy influence – all the way from Westminster which makes me laugh for all the wrongs reasons. I call it “The Gongs.”

I always support awards for real people who selflessly serve others and for the betterment of the “big society.”

The Wirral Globe Awards are a prime example of ordinary people acknowledging those in the community who have been nominated for their extra-ordinary work by those around them.

Now the David Cameron resignation honours sees the ex-PM becoming a midsummer Santa. There has been outrage, disbelief and disgust.

Many believe they are simply not justified. He is, according to leaked documents, aiming to dish out politically incorrect prezzies. In the dictionary under “cronyism” it should say “see all honours lists.” DC wants to “honour” workers like his speech writers, Tory party donors, his drivers and even his wife’s stylist.

This could have been written by Spike Milligan.

Elite gongs for the boys and girls getting pats on the backs simply for doing jobs they were paid to do.

We should be rewarding ordinary people who serve others and go the extra mile.

Nurses, teachers and care workers to name just a few. We were all appalled by the bankers getting bonuses. But this is just another slap in the face to the man and woman in the street.

Surely Cameron’s advisers must have told him this is not going to look good on his legacy CV.

It’s a wonder Larry the stressed-out Downing Street moggie wasn’t honoured for a CBE – Cat of the British Empire. I want to see the headline “Going, Going, Gongs” and a declaration from the new Number 10 PM that the honours system will get a complete overhaul.

SOCCER legends will pay tribute to the great manager Howard Kendall on Thursday at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton.

One of my own favourite Everton legends was Brian Labone. In later life he was a regular at the Pig and Whistle pub in Liverpool and his laugh would roar across the bar. Brian, a member of Alf Ramsey’s recently-lauded 1966 World Cup winning squad, gave up the chance to play for England to marry his wife in back in Wirral during the actual tournament.

He made a promise and kept it. I treasure the “do” I had for my dad when he was 80. Brian, who was in the pub at the time, made a point of coming over to my father (a true Blue) and buying him a drink and sharing footy moments.

He posed for pre-selfie pics and signed autographs for our delighted grandkids.

There aren’t many true pros like Brian Labone anymore.

HAPPILY Wayne Rooney is now carrying the baton.I have my own fond memories of the testimonial for another World Cup squad player Roger Hunt. The Liverpool star was honoured by 56,000 fans on a rainy night at Anfield in 1972. I was there. That was a time when players didn’t earn huge salaries and testimonials could help their retirement. But since those days I have thought that testimonials should have been scrapped for the mega stars who are paid millions. One player who has gone up in my estimation is Wayne.

On Wednesday he will be celebrated with a testimonial and many charities will benefit from the game notably Alder Hey and closer to home Claire House. With his Wayne Rooney Foundation he has set himself a truly great goal.

Long may he hit the scoresheet with his magnificent off-the-pitch charity work.

AND finally...Let’s celebrate another local hero in 13-year-old Ally Clift.

A tube star in more ways than one. The lad from Irby has moved the nation with his charity fundraising in memory of his late brother who died of cancer in March.

Ally visited 270 tube stations in a day and raised more than £12K and awareness for the Bloodwise charity. Dave Cameron, I hope you were watching the Youtube hits. If anyone deserves an honour in life it’s our Ally.

Peter Grant