THE number of motorists found drink- or drug-driving in Merseyside during the police’s annual summer campaign has increased compared to last year.

The officer in charge of policing our roads says the results are disappointing and implored drivers to be more responsible.

A total of 3,443 drivers were stopped and breath-tested -123 failed or refused to be tested.

Last year, 3,034 drivers were given breath tests with 90 failing or refusing.

Twenty-five drivers were also tested for drugs resulting in seven arrests, the same amount as last year.

During the month-long campaign in June, officers targeted motorists suspected of driving after drinking or taking drugs, as well as stopping motorists to inform them of the risks of getting behind the wheel while under the influence, particularly the morning after.

Head of the force’s roads policing department, Chief Inspector John Hogan, said: "There is no excuse for getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drink or drugs and risking the safety and lives of others.

"Merseyside Police is committed to tackling drink- and drug-drivers on our roads and it is disappointing to see that people are still prepared to drive after drinking or taking drugs.

"Road traffic collisions destroy lives - it could be your son, daughter, mother, father or other loved one who is knocked over and killed by a drink- or drug-driver.

"We are determined to do all we can to ensure fewer lives are ruined as a result of careless or dangerous driving but we ask drivers to help us by driving carefully and responsibly."

The number of under-25-year-olds who tested positive or refused a breath test also increased from 4.6% last year to 6.3% this year.

Sergeant Paul Mountford said: "Young drivers have so many opportunities to look forward to, they should not consider risking it all by driving under the influence.

"Even the smallest amount of alcohol or cannabis can affect your ability to drive safely. If it is in your system, you will be prosecuted, and may end up with a criminal record, which could have devastating consequences for your future."

Any driver involved in a traffic accident or who commits a traffic offence can expect to be breathalysed and may be required to perform an impairment test. If they refuse they will be arrested.