MOVES to make Wirral Council more open and accountable will be put to the vote on Monday.

Two controversial “notices of motion” will go before a meeting of the full council: The first demands all elected members must declare in the register of interests if they are Freemasons.

The second insists so-called “compromise agreements” will no longer be offered to staff without prior approval of elected members.

Labour group deputy leader Cllr Phil Davies is proposing the Masonic-interest declaration.

His notice says: “This council believes that in the interest of free and open government and in order to avoid any accusations of a failure to be open and transparent in their dealings with the council and the public, that any member of the Freemasons be obliged to declare their interest.”

It instructs the chief executive to make "urgent arrangements" so all council members who are Freemasons declare their membership in the register of interest immediately.

Liberal Democrat councillor Mark Johnston wants an end to a system that allows compromise deals to be processed without elected members becoming involved.

The deals involve officers receiving a pay-off to leave the local authority on the understanding they waive any rights to bring an employment-related claim.

His notice says the council “strongly believes compromise deals that offer financial or other types of incentive should not be used to remove poorly-performing staff from the workforce.

“Training, support and - ultimately - the disciplinary procedure are the correct tools to be used in relation to poorly-performing staff.”

It continues: “Council believes compromise deals should not be used to cover-up underlying problems, situations of concern or to remove staff quietly and quickly.

"To do so has the potential to put the council’s reputation at risk.”

If the move is successfully voted in, the council will insist that all future deals that include financial or other incentives are subject to a "full democratically accountable process."

Members of the employment and appointments committee would be tasked with assessing and signing-off any future compromise deals before any offer is made to employees.