WIRRAL council's beleaguered leader has said he would welcome a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the findings of the Anna Klonowski report.

Cllr Steve Foulkes' invitation came a day after David Cameron promised to look into claims made into the damning report on the council’s social services department.

Wirral West MP Esther McVey had asked the Prime Minister to look into allegations of "violence and intimidation" revealed in the "shocking" report.

During a meeting of Wirral cabinet on Thursday, Cllr Foulkes, who is facing calls to stand down over the fall-out of the report said: "I have no problem talking to David Cameron about the report."

When cabinet met on Thursday, it approved an action plan to help resolve problems arising from the report. A scrutiny committee, chaired by an independent chairman, will be set up to monitor the action plan. “ The Klonowski inquiry looked into the claims of whistleblower Martin Morton, a former Wirral social services employee, who was bullied and forced out of his job after revealing systematic financial abuse of vulnerable people in council care.

The council has since apologised to Mr Morton and says it has set in place a series of changes in how the authority works to deal with the problems highlighted by the report.

Cllr Foulkes continued: “I have been absolutely bible-like in sticking to the report’s recommendations. We have made some progress and told members of staff that we will be more open to criticism.”

During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Miss McVey blamed Wirral's ruling Labour administration for the problems.

She asked: "Will the PM as a matter of urgency look into the recent shocking report into allegations of overcharging of vulnerable adults on the Wirral and also claims of violence and intimidation under a Labour-led council, making sure that those responsible are brought to account and never work again in adult social services?"

Mr Cameron agreed, saying that while regulators have a difficult job, better scrutiny is vital. He said: "I will certainly look at the report - it is clearly a very serious matter."

He also promised to pass on the issue to relevant ministers, adding that new regulators are facing difficulties.

Mr Cameron added: "It is really important that inspections are thorough and targeted ... clearly there is a need for this on Merseyside."

Miss McVey said: "We now know that the PM takes this very seriously. I was determined to take this right to the top.

"There is a question of legal action, which makes it difficult to comment further on matters which may be prejudicial. But some of the allegations are horrendous."

The Prime Minister's pledge comes as Wirral council leader Cllr Steve Foulkes fights for his political life following calls from leaders of both opposition groups for him to be ousted over the fall-out from the Anna Klonowski report.

Tory leader Cllr Jeff Green has called for Cllr Foulkes to step down over the way the report has been dealt with.

This has now been followed by a demand from Lib-Dem leader Cllr Tom Harney for Cllr Foulkes "to do the decent thing and resign."

The two groups united in a vote would out-number the Labour administration by 37 to 29.

Cllr Foulkes will face two votes of no confidence when the full council meets on February 13.