I SEE Cllr Chris Blakeley is opposing yet another mobile phone mast application on behalf of residents (Wirral Globe, November 9,2011).

When will people realise that THEY and their children are the people prompting demand for these masts.

I cannot get over how unsociable people are these days; they just play with their phones for hours (And how do they afford it in this day and age is another thing!).

Our family are against masts as we are concerned about radiation. So we don't use mobile phones.

We were given an old one which we take on holiday with us in case someone had to get in touch in an emergency and our daughter carries it to school for the same reason.

It has never been used.

An emergency is not "your favourite pizza is out of stock, which other would you prefer."

We have a home phone including all calls and internet for £12 a month.

Why pay more for a mobile and cause serious health risks?

I suggest Cllr Blakeley and his constituents think about why these companies want to put masts up - to meet demand.

The solution? Switch your phones off and keep 'em switched off.

A mobile-phone hater (name and address supplied).