A WIRRAL man was left devastated when his pet dog was mauled to death by a Rottweiler.

Nick Clarke, from Leasowe, could only watch in horror as the dog tore into Yorkshire Terrier "Minnie".

Minnie was on her lead outside a small block of flats when the Rottweiler “charged” at her and launched its attack.

During his attempts to rescue his pet from the larger dog’s clutches, Mr Clarke sustained bites to his hands and was later rushed to hospital after suffering an angina attack.

The dad-of-one, who had 13-year-old Minnie since she was a puppy, now wants to warn families in the area of the Rottweiler and is calling for stricter rules for dog-owners.

Mr Clarke said: “I was standing in a communal area outside when this Rottweiler came charging at my little dog. He just savaged her and Minnie couldn’t escape.

“I tried to fight him off but I ended up being bitten myself, I felt so helpless. I held her in my arms and had to watch her die, it was horrendous.”

Mr Clarke believes action should be taken to prevent the dog from striking again.

He added: “I haven’t been able to sleep properly since the attack.

"My other dog Monty has been lost without little Minnie, they had grown up together. I love animals and would not wish any harm on the Rottweiler, but it could be a child next time and by then it will be too late.”

Merseyside Police confirmed the incident being reported. A spokeswoman said officers had spoken to all parties involved.