AS Birkenhead wakes up to the damage caused by last night’s destruction, residents and shopkeepers are beginning a mass clean-up.

A Facebook page has been set up asking for volunteers from the community to lend a hand.

Wirral Globe: Birkenhead Riots

Local families say they are “disgusted” by what they saw and are fearful of more trouble returning tonight.

Mum-of-three Melanie Owens who lives in Claughton Road where the youths made their attacks, said she was “scared” for her children.

Wirral Globe: Birkenhead Riots

Ms Owens said: “We had been in Birkenhead Park with the kids earlier in the evening and were told by two young girls to leave as there was trouble brewing.

"By 7pm we had left and groups were beginning to congregate.

“But by 9pm, there was a couple of hundred people gathered at the top of the road and then they just charged at the police. It was terrifying to see.”

The Globe met council leader Steve Foulkes at McDonald’s, Charing Cross, which was targeted by yobs last night.

Councillor Foulkes said: “My first reaction to seeing cars burnt out is that these people won’t be able to get out and go to work today because of these mindless yobs.

“It truly appalls me that people can go out and act in this way.

Wirral Globe: Birkenhead Riots

"And it is very worrying that in a time of economic recession, the very creators of much-needed jobs have become targets for such destruction.

“I am making a plea to parents to know where their young teenagers are tonight. If every parent does their bit then those causing the problems will be in the minority and they will be isolated.”

However local people have joined together this morning in a bid to clean up their town and show "solidarity."

Teenager Sam Robinson, from Birkenhead, set up a special Facebook group to invite residents to help fix the damage.

Sam, 17, said: “We wanted to come out and show that not all young people are causing this.

"Some of us do care about our area and we don't want to destroy it. We want to show community spirit and solidarity at this time.”

Traders are now waiting to hear from police and security bosses about how they can prepare for any repeat incidents this evening.

Derek Millar, commercial director at Pyramids Shopping Centre, said that despite the yobs damaging the entrance to the precinct and smashing the windows of the Orange mobile phone shop, no stock was looted.

Mr Millar said: “Thankfully, nothing was stolen but a lot of damage was done to the front entrance of the shopping centre and we have had to board up windows.

"The riots have caused a very tense atmosphere among staff and shoppers today and that is not what you want in this sort of environment.

“We are in contact with Merseyside Police about how security will be carried out today and tonight and what is the best course of action to take.”