In chaotic scenes tonight, rioters have rampaged through Grange Road in Birkenhead.

Police are telling the public to stay out of the town and avoid Park Street South and Cole Street.

Several cars have been set alight and windows smashed in every shop from McDonalds at Charing Cross to the Pyramid centre.

A car is ablaze on Claughton Road, Birkenhead following the disturbances earlier tonight.

Local residents have described how a gang of fifty hooded youths ran amok down the street jumping on cars and smashing windows.

One resident who wished not to be named said: “It was absolutely terrifying, horrendous, absolutely horrible. They were jumping on cars and smashing windows.

“We heard a car window smash and now it’s ablaze, with petrol on fire leaking down the street.

“We’ve called the fire brigade but they still haven’t turned up.’

Update: Four arrests have been made on Borough Road in Birkenhead for conspiracy to commit criminal damage, according to Merseyside Police

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