RE: Kevin Howard's comments on the future operation of libraries.

Clearly the reasoning behind the radio-controlled tag is that the libraries will eventually end up delivering a fully-automated service, with no staff at all except those who maintain the machinery.

In the brave new world of Wirral libraries, you'll walk into the building, type the name of the book you’re looking for into an interface (no chance of browsing, that would make the place look untidy and involve heating and lighting) and an automated hand will travel along a wire above your head to the correct shelf, reach down, grab the book, head back and slap it on the desk in front of you.

You'll scan your book using a smart card; and if you forget to do so a robot whose facial features resemble those of our glorious council leader will step out from behind a cardboard cutout of Eric Pickles and biff you on the bonce with a copy of what is commonly alleged to be one of the great classics of fiction: "Merseytravel Authority, Labour Members' Expense Claims".

It's a weighty volume indeed, and the resulting impact will serve as a lesson you won't forget in a hurry.

David Elsam, Wallasey.