Labour has regained control of Wirral Council.

After a year of Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition, the Globe can reveal tonight that the fragile bond between the two groups has been broken.

Labour will run a minority administration after Liberal Democrats ended their link with Tories.

The Lib Dems, who until tonight held the balance of power, have decided against uniting in coalition with either Labour or Conservatives.

With Wirral operating an all-powerful "cabinet" administration, responsible for taking all major policy decisions, it means the Labour group will have almost total control.

The die was cast after local elections on May 5 when Labour became the largest group with 29 seats and the Liberal Democrats lost their leader Simon Holbrook.

His defeat was part of a nightmare evening for Wirral Lib Dems who lost four of their 14 seats, so reducing their number to ten.

Then, on Sunday this week, a Lib Dem councillor defected to Labour giving them a commanding lead of 30 members against the Tories' 27.

Conservative group leader Jeff Green, until a few hours ago leader of the authority, said: "I can understand the Liberal Democrats are still reeling from their election defeats locally and nationally, but what their nine councillors have done tonight is bow down and hand control of the cabinet - and so the town hall - to Labour."

The decision will have to be ratified at a meeting of all 66 elected members on Monday.

To disolve the existing coalition, a majority will need to pass a vote of no confidence, then elect Labour group chief Cllr Steve Foulkes to be council leader.

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