Women don’t trust the men in their life when it comes to booking that all-important summer holiday, according to research from InvisibleHand, the online flight finder and shopping tool.

Despite the fact that men enjoy booking holidays more than women, seven in ten women still insist on taking charge with almost two in ten admitting that they don’t trust anyone else to do it.

Men are far more laid-back about letting their significant other book holidays - just 13% admit to not trusting anyone else to do it.

They are also more laid-back about making the booking themselves with almost three quarters (72%) claiming to enjoy it compared with just half of women (52%).

But even though women seem to feel obliged to wear the trousers when it comes to booking holidays, a quarter secretly wish that sometimes somebody else would do it for them for a change.

This compares to just 12% of men.

Robin Landy, founder of InvisibleHand, said: “Men enjoy booking holidays and women don’t – this should be the perfect recipe for holiday harmony, except that women don’t trust the man in their life to do it properly!

“Looking for a holiday should be fun, but with so many different travel and flight operators out there, finding and booking flights can be a long and arduous process."

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