The leader of Wirral Council has told anyone thinking of joining a rebel protest against paying council tax: "Don't get any ideas."

His call came after hundreds of anti-establishment demonstrators stormed Birkenhead County Court yesterday and "arrested" a judge.

Roads were blockaded and dozens of police officers deployed to keep order.

A stand-off followed with several demonstrators staging a sit-down protest in front of police vehicles, refusing to let them pass.

Several arrests were made and police dog-handlers called to the scene.

The protestors were from the anti-establishment "British Constitution Group."

The demonstration was sparked when one of the prominent voices in the BCG, Wirral man Roger Hayes, faced a hearing for non-payment of council tax.

Mr Hayes believes the tax is unlawful.

Today town hall chief Cllr Jeff Green told the Globe: “Have these people given any thought to what happens to the likes of Sure Start, public libraries or other services that people depend on?

"Not many people like paying tax but we accept the need for tax.

"I am disappointed that this case has been adjourned, but in the light of the events that took place, understand the court’s decision.

"However, before anyone else gets any ideas about not paying their council tax, let me assure everyone that Wirral Council is stepping up its activity to ensure that everyone pays their fair share.

"Nobody is above the law.”

Six people were arrested following yesterday's disturbance. Two are appearing before magistrates today.