Chester Zoo has ended the mystery surrounding the naming of its new baby elephant.

The female calf, which was born just before midnight on January 22, will be called Jamilah - a name chosen by crime novelist Ruth Rendell.

The elephant-loving author has long supported the zoo and the conservation work it carries out both locally and all around the world.

Baroness Rendell, author of the series of well-known novels featuring Detective Chief Inspector Wexford, said: “I am honored and proud to be involved with the naming of the zoo’s new baby elephant”.

Jamilah, pronounced jah-mee-lah, is a word meaning "beautiful."

“You only have to take one look at her to see that the name fits perfectly,” added Baroness Rendell.

Jamilah is daughter to proud mother Thi and father Upali. She follows Nayan in becoming the second calf born at the zoo within the space of six months.

The calf has put on an average of 15kgs a week since her birth when she weighed around 140kgs and has been exploring her new home to the delight of visitors