AS MORE redundancies are sought by Wirral Council, a new study shows the number of jobs axed or under threat by local authorities because of Government spending cuts has topped 150,000.

And it reveals job losses in the North West will be the worst with 29,125 public sector workers facing the dole.

The review by the GMB trade union was published on the same day Wirral Council confirmed it is to offer voluntary redundancy deals to a further 210 people.

The Globe understands 112 have subsequently asked to go, and their applications are now being analysed by the authority.

If all those wanting to leave are permitted to, it would bring the number of council job reductions to more than 1,200.

The extra cuts are aimed at adult and children's social services, whose staff are being offered early retirement or voluntary redundancy for a second time.

Deputy leader of the opposition Labour group, Cllr Phil Davies, said: "It is absolutely horrendous.

"In the council coalition administration's haste to make £48m cuts this year and next, they are rushing to send people out of the door without any thought whatsoever of the implications for the future.

"Social services is already facing huge challenges with the needs of the borough's elderly population becoming more and more acute.

"My worry, my great concern, is whether with a hugely reduced workforce, that department will be able to deliver the high quality of service that is required."

Council leader Cllr Jeff Green said: "We are trying to be as fair as possible with our staff. Of the 1,600 who initially applied for redundancy in December, we identified from the 'Wirral - be part of it' consultation that 1,100 could go given the criteria of protecting front line services.

"This meant certain departments would be more affected than others.

"Now some people who did not wish to be considered for redundancy late last year have said that if they knew then what they know now, they might have applied.

"We are offering them the same redundancy arrangements as were available in December."

He added: "I have never tried to hide the size of the financial challenge facing this authority. As Labour said, there is no money.

"We are committed to delivering quality services - not in the same way as before, but in a different way."

The GMB said jobs under threat across the regions were: North West, 29,125; North East, 9,214; Yorkshire & The Humber, 18,243; East Midlands, 11,609; West Midlands, 20,937; Eastern, 9,829; London, 14,590; South East, 13,413; South West, 11,408; Wales, 1,858; and Scotland, 9,833.