THERE is a well-known saying that when you are in a hole, it’s a good idea to stop digging.

It's a phrase that former Labour councillor Audrey Moore is clearly not aware of judging by her letter last week ('Alarmed at response to Wirral Council’s questionnaire').

Mrs Moore states that by possibly moving council-run 'One-Stop Shops' into libraries, this will somehow mean smaller libraries closing.

What utter rubbish and a claim that could frighten some of the most vulnerable and elderly people in our communities.

Such a move would, in fact, strengthen the position of libraries as the true hubs of local communities while reducing council spending on administration and buildings.

This was certainly the view of the many library users in Pensby and Thingwall who I spoke with during some of the 120 events around Wirral when council staff encouraged people to share their views.

What a contrast this has been to the way in which Mrs Moore's former comrades attempted to close libraries across Wirral last time.

No consultation; no opportunity for the public to influence changes or suggest alternatives and certainly no suggestion from Labour, then or now, as to how they would develop and strengthen our library network.

Yes, Wirral is struggling with Labour's legacy of debt, like every part of the country. But the new Conservative and Liberal Democrat administration in the town hall has made it quite clear that no libraries will close on our watch.

Mrs Moore, it's time to hang up your shovel.

Conservative Cllr Don McCubbin, Pensby and Thingwall ward.