THE results to date of your windfarms poll re Euro MP Paul Nuttall's comments indicate an even result neither in favour or against the outcome for Wirral.

As it is welcome that the people of Wirral should have the opportunity of employment, I regret that the term "jobs bonanza" is over the top.

If the turbines were being manufactured in the UK, some justification for engineering works could be expected. However, the turbines are principally built in other countries such as Germany.

The platforms based at Birkenhead will be used to transport them to their locations in the Irish Sea, employing just a small number of workers.

As far as the output of electricity from these turbines, which is dependent on wind-power and worth noting that this power can not be stored, unlike oil or gas, so no wind - no electricity. And the cost; well in these economic times, what a waste.

Allan Guy, Thornton Hough.