A PARAMEDIC was injured as he tried to stop his vehicle being stolen while in duty in Birkenhead.

Police were called to the junction of Woodchurch Road / Balls Road East at around 10.40am on Wednesday, July 28.

A paramedic for Northwest Ambulance Service was attending a road traffic collision at the junction, when a man got into his car.

The victim stood in front of his car, an unmarked Audi RS4, to try to stop it from being taken but the offender drove at him.

The victim was hit by the corner of the bonnet and the offside wing mirror of the car fell into the road. He was left with grazing to his left elbow.

The Audi was recovered with all of its contents a short time later near to the Shrewsbury pun in Oxton Village without its keys.

Detective Constable Sarah Casement said: "An attack such as this, on a paramedic who was helping an other at the scene of a traffic collision, is despicable.

"Incidents such as this are taken very seriously and I would appeal to the public for their help in catching whoever was responsible for this crime.

"Thankfully the car was recovered with all of its contents, however it has meant that it was off the road for a couple of days, while its locks were changed."

Director of Emergency Service at North West Ambulance Service, Derek Cartwright, said: "I am at a loss to understand the reason behind mindless actions such as this, against a Service which exists purely to help people."

Police are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed this incident or saw the car being driven or dumped in the Oxton village area, to come forward and contact police on 0151 777 2265 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.