HARM CHARGE: Wirral Magistrates declined to deal summarily with a 45-year-old man on a harm allegation.

Paul Joseph Caine of Acacia Grove, Wallasey, was bailed until June 14 for committal proceedings.

He is charged with bodily harm assault at Wallasey in March and also possessing a bladed instrument without good reason or lawful authority in Birkenhead Road, Wallasey.


MAN BAILED: Wirral Magistrates bailed a Hoylake man until June 15 for trial.

Paul Richard Clinton,23, of George Road, denied communicating with a woman on April 11 at Hoylake from which he was prohibited by a non-molestation order.


TRIED TO HEAD-BUTT POLICEMAN: An aggressive, abusive man was arrested by police after they attended a report of males fighting in Old Chester Road, Birkenhead, Wirral Magistrates heard.

Carl David Dillon, 24, of Gaytree Court, Birkenhead, pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer in the execution of his duty.

Amanda Cullen, prosecuting, said Dillon who was showing signs of drunkenness was put into a police vehicle but climbed over the seat and out through the front door. “I’m not getting knicked for no-one”, he commented at the time.

He continued to be aggressive and attempted to head- butt the officer. CS spray was then used to subdue him.

Laura Flynn, defending, claimed Dillon had been on the receiving end before the police appeared and a lot of his aggression stemmed from that. He accepted he was drunk and angry at the time.

Dillon was fined £100 plus £100 costs.


STOLE BETTING SLIPS: A young man who cashed a winning betting slip he claimed he found appeared before Wirral Magistrates.

David Lockhart, 21, of Solway Street, Birkenhead, admitted theft of the betting slip which he used to obtain £109 from William Hill.

The court heard the slip had been inside a wallet taken from a car. Lockhart said he found it when playing football.

Lockhart was said to be in breach of a suspended prison sentence imposed at the Crown Court. Magistrates sent him for sentence to the higher court on the latest matter and was bailed until June 21.


WEAPONS CHARGE: Ashley Anthony Mooney, 21, of Broxton Avenue, West Kirby, was bailed for two weeks by Wirral Magistrates at the request of his solicitor.

He faces three charges of possessing offensive weapons at Bidston Hill car park in mid-April.

The items listed in the charge were a cricket bat, a hunting knife and a Stanley knife.


DRUNK AND DISORDERLY: Magistrates imposed a £30 fine on Anthony Mark Short, 46, of Whitfield Street, Birkenhead.

He admitted being drunk and disorderly in Market Street, Birkenhead where he was seen urinating.

He had to pay £100 costs.


CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE: District Judge Michael Abelson at Wirral Magistrates Court opted to grant a conditional discharge to a shoplifter.

Philip Connor, 38, of Sandford Street, Birkenhead, admitted stealing items worth £8 from Netto at Birkenhead.

The discharge was for 12 months and there was no order for costs.


SENT TO CROWN COURT: Ryan Thomas Coathup, 23, of Chester High Road, Neston, and Daniel John Williamson, 21, of Loomsway, Irby, were sent to the Crown Court by District Judge Michael Abelson at Wirral Magistrates Court.

They are charged with bodily harm assault at Heswall in January and summary trial was declined.

The accused were bailed to appear at the higher court on July 1.


EXPLICIT MESSAGES: A 31-year-old man appearing before Wirral Magistrates under the Sexual Offences Act Stephen George Hughes of Gaywood Close, Birkenhead, pleaded guilty to intentionally causing or inciting a teenage boy to engage in sexual activity including sending him a series of sexually explicit computer messages.

Simon Simonds, defending, said Hughes had not been in trouble previously but recognised he was in the wrong now.

The magistrates who had kept all sentencing options open when asking for a probation report imposed a 12 weeks prison term suspended for two years.

There was also a three year supervision order to include a number of special requirements. Hughes had to pay £100 costs.