PLANS for a controversial phone mast on a recreation area in Moreton have been recommended for refusal by Wirral's planning inspecorate.

The Globe reported this week that Vodafone UK had submitted plans for a 9.4-metre high G3 phone mast, with associated radio equipment cabinet, on a recreational area near to a children's play area in Town Meadow Lane.

The application was due to be considered by Wirral's planning authority at its meeting on Thursday, April 22.

But it has emerged today that the planning inspectorate has decided to refuse the application and will notify the mobile phone giant the day after the consultation period ends this Friday.

It means Vodafone UK will have six months to appeal.

If approved, the mast would have been a blot on the landscape say protestors. It would have been situated near a children's play area, which is currently undergoing an £80,000 refurbishment.

Readers had contacted the Globe, concerned about the mast’s perceived health risks.

A petition of almost 150 signatures opposing the application has been handed over to the planning authority.

Among those welcoming the news of the mast's refusal is John Owen, who lives in nearby Linear Park and was concerned about the mast’s perceived health risks.

He told the Globe: "Vodafone will have six months in which to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

"If they run true to form, they will leave it until the last possible moment or choose a time when people are preoccupied with other events or the run-up to Christmas. So we'll need to be vigilant."

Moreton West & Saughall Massie councillor Chris Blakelely, who has supported the campaign for the mast to be rejected, welcomed the news that the application will be refused.

He told the Globe: "The residents are absolutely delighted about this, and I believe the right decision has been made.

"The main concern was that it was going to be situated near a children's play area.

"Vodafone will have six months to appeal the decision. So, let's see where we are then."