A WAG took his revenge against a speed camera in Moreton at the weekend - by covering it up with a waste sack.

Motorists driving near to The Grange pub on Hoylake Road were able to pass the speed trap without fear from the early hours of Saturday morning until Monday afternoon.

The camera, operated by the Liverpool-based Camera Safety Partnership on behalf of Merseyside Police, was later "freed" by officers.

One Globe reader who spotted the camera emailed a photo to our picture desk, and wrote: "You've got to hand it to whoever did this. Speed cameras are a pain in the neck.

"They don't reduce speeds - they just make money for the police."

But David Foulkes, of the Camera Safety Partnership, said: "These safety cameras are operated on behalf of Merseyside Police.

"Anyone caught doing something like this could find themselves being charged in connection with obstructing the police."