I'D like to offer my support for the efforts of the citizens of Wirral to save their historic flotilla - the Wirral Warship Preservation Trust.

It is a shame when the society of any country, my own included, is either apathetic or forgets certain aspects of their past which culminates in the wholesale discarding of certain symbols of their history.

In this case, the symbolic representation these ships represent is quite significant for the people of the United Kingdom and even the world - from the time when Great Britain stood alone, defiant and eventually victorious against Hitler and Nazi tyranny to those days after the Falklands were seized by the ruling junta of Argentina and the world thought, wrongly, that Britain could never re-take those islands and liberate her citizens.

In the grand scheme of life, the loss of these ships may seem insignificant. However, there are times when those of us in the present must constantly strive to preserve the past.

Why? To remind future citizens that the freedom they will enjoy during their lifetime was already paid for by the blood of their ancestors.

These ships do represent freedom - past, present and future.

Lt Col Darwin F.D. Concon, US Army,

Memphis, TN,