HERE is a photo of the UFO-shaped habitat on the dockside of the old Morpeth Dock in Birkenhead that reader Steve Johnson was appealing for information about.

I do not know what happened to it.

I was scuba diving with others to scrape the keel of a boat in Morpeth Dock circa 1975-78 when, just for the fun of it, I decided to dive to the bottom of the dock.

We knew there were at least two small boats on the bottom and I wanted to find them.

I never did, but I touched and felt a rounded shape with the kind of window shapes you see in the photo.

Visibility down there was zero, just black and filthy.

Maybe the shape I felt was the habitat and maybe it is still there, although the dock was filled in years ago.

I just do not know.

Ron Smith,

Tarvin Road,