LOCAL landmark Bromborough Power Station has just run out of steam after half a century and awaits demolition.

Electricity supplies to UML companies in the area, once supplied by the power station, are now served by MANWEB.

UML, part of the Unilever Group, closed Bromborough Power Station on December 31. For half a century it provided power and steam for local industry and closed almost on the anniversary of the day it officially opened. The power station was a high-tech plant of the Fifties and replaced a post-World War I unit which had powered Port Sunlight soap factory.

The agreement between UML and MANWEB following closure of Bromborough Power Station ensures continued electricity supplies to 45 industrial customers and allows MANWEB to further develop business in the area.

MANWEB MD Bill Landers said: "I am delighted to welcome these important companies as customers. This agreement demonstrates the commitment of both MANWEB and Unilever to the local economy. If agreement had not been made, many customers would probably have been faced with expenditure for a new supply."

Bob Harcourt, MD, UML, said: "We, too, are delighted that companies presently supplied by our power station will continue to have their electricity needs met."

More than £2m is being spent between the two companies on refurbishing and upgrading the network, including new sub stations and underground cables.

The customers being supplied include large firms such as Lever Brothers, Unichema, Lubrizol and Arkady CraigMillar, along with smaller firms and the local ambulance and fire stations.

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