From Ken Griffiths:-

TRANMERE Rovers' decision to go into print - in their match programme for the visit of Bury - over their problems with the indoor bowling centre disappoints me, especially as it makes myself and other bowlers appear such parasites through incomplete information.

As the centre can only be used by bowlers during the Winter months, the football club's claim that we only pay 30p per week is misleading and a utilisation of figures.

I myself only play in the Men's Veterans League during mid-week day hours. As we need a squad of players to cover for absentees, I only manage an average of 25 games, which this season will cost me £52.50. That works out at £2 per game.

Tranmere now wish for this to cost me £112.50 by charging £4.50 per game.

Each game lasts an average of 45 minutes, so we are looking at 10p per minute. By my reckoning, that equates to £100 - or 80p per week.

It's amazing what you can do with figures . . .

Tranmere feel they can get more income if the centre became a warehouse; strange, as I thought the exchange on bowling greens was houses. Still, so be it.

At least we won't have to listen to any preaching on community interest which has been ongoing since I spent 20 years in local youth football administration.

If they are really looking for parasitic reasons for the football club's problems, Tranmere need to look closer to home and not at a new installation.

Mismanagement and inflated egoes come to mind and, as a person who once had four season tickets through thick and thin, and who still contributes, I think I am entitled to say so.

Greenville Close,


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