From 23 "completely fed up" residents:-

IN answer to the letter under the headline "We only want to have fun" (Mailbox, February 10), the four writers did not mention that they are part of a group of up to 20 that hang around the area, sometimes until after 11pm, screaming and shouting.

Ask the neighbours who have been kept awake by it.

Nor do they mention that the majority of them do smoke and drink in the street. Ask the neighbours who frequently have to clear cans, bottles and other rubbish, including used condoms, out of their gardens.

The bus shelter is regularly covered in graffiti, has had a window kicked in and the plastic pane covering the adverts melted by lighters. Ask Ad-shel, who have had to come out to replace the window, plastic pane and to clean off the graffiti.

Bollards in the centre of the road have been kicked over and occasionally dumped in the rubbish bin. Ask the council, who have to come out and repair them.

Cars have been damaged, windows cracked and property used as toilets. Ask the neighbours this has happened to.

Or the couple who were walking up the road and had a glass bottle thrown at them - and then challenged to a fight when he questioned it.

They say that you have to pay to use the local youth clubs. Who pays for their beer and cigarettes?

They say they should be treated with respect, yet they do not treat their neighbours nor their property with respect. Ask the police how many complaints they have had about the same group of teenagers from local residents.

We have had to put up with this for over 12 months. And we have had enough.

"They only want to have fun". But at whose expense?

Names and addresses supplied

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