Sunday, March 7:-

Under-10 Division - Y/Lions 2, Liscard Panthers 6; W/K Wasps 3, Fender Yth 2; Shaftes YC 2, Heswall 1; Heygarth Utd 2, Parkdale 6; Allport Hawks 0, Stork 3.

Under-11 Middle Cup - Neston Nomads 0, Raby Ath 5.

Under-11 Division - Thingwall 4, Squibb 4; Ashville 8, Alliance 0; FC Phoenix 4, Fender Yth 1; B'hd Boys 1, Young Lions 5; Heswall 2, Liscard Panthers 1.

Under-12 Division - Shore Villa 5, Parkdale 1; Heswall 4, W/K Wasps 1.

Under-13 Division - Neston Nomads 3, Eastham Blades 7; W/K Wasps 2, Shore Villa 8.


Sunday, March 14:-

Under-10 Division - Ashville v Fender Yth; Shore Villa v Shaftes YC; Neston Nomads v Parkdale; Eastham Blades v Liscard Panthers; Squibb v Heswall; Allport Hawks v W/K Wasps; Stork v Irby Jnrs.

Under-11 Division - Irby Jnrs v FC Phoenix; Young Lions v Eastham Blades; Neston Nomads v B'head Boys; Liscard Panthers v Heygarth Utd; Shaftes YC v Shore Villa.

Under-12 Middle Cup - Stork v Neston Nomads.

Under-12 Division - Parkdale v Heygarth Utd; W/K Wasps v Hr Beb RBL; Eastham Blades v Shaftes YC; Ashville v Liscard Panthers; Oxton/Atlanta v Squibb; FC Phoenix v Shore Villa; Irby Jnrs v Young Lions.

Under-13 Division - Eastham Blades v Heswall; W/K Wasps v Neston Nomads; Shaftes YC v Willaston Wndrs; Young Lions v Fender Yth.

Under-13 Middle Cup - Irby Jnrs v Ashville.

Under-14 Division - Shore Villa v Shaftes YC; Young Lions v Stork; Neston Nomads v Heswall; Ashville v Parkdale.

Under-15 Division - Stork v Neston Nomads; Heswall v Shore Villa; Shaftes YC v Heygarth Utd; Ashville v Young Lions; Willaston Wndrs v Sutton Clts.

Under-16 Division - Squibb v Hope Farm Jnrs; Shore Villa v Heswall; Heygarth Utd v W/K Wasps; Wirral Yth v Fender Yth; Willaston Wndrs v Ashville.

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