Saturday, March 6:-

Bill Johnson Memorial Cup (1st Rd) - M/Ferries 2, Bronze Soc 1.

Robin Hodgson Division - E/Pt Utd 1, Pavilions 1.

Concorde Trophies Division - Manor Ath 2, Acorn 4; Wirral Nomads 1, Willaston 2.


Saturday, March 13 (kick-off 2.30pm unless otherwise stated):-

Bill Johnson Memorial Cup (2nd Rd) - AFC Tanner v Avon Ath; Mallaby v Pavilions; Halfway Ath v E/Pt Utd.

South Wirral League Trophy (1st Rd) - Merebrook v Vancer; Sutton Blck Lion v Beb Hawks.

Robin Hodgson Division - Bronze Soc v Charing Cross; Grange Ath v Rangers Breaks; Mersey Ferries v Manor Ath.

Concorde Trophies Division - Acorn v Wirral Nomads; Halton RBL v Ashville; Mersey Blades v Willaston; Manor Ath v Bronze Soc.

South Wirral League Trophy (2nd Rd) - Hope Farm v BICC Helsby.

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