THE SOUND of the Sixties is still coming from where it started in Wirral: the 27 Club right next door to the Grosvenor Ballroom, Liscard, where the Beatles used to appear in the early days.

Today other members of groups from the Swinging Sixties play a charity gig on a Wednesday night with Merseycats.

Merseycats plan two concerts this year to celebrate 10 years of the rock and roll children's charity. Vale Park, New Brighton, is 100 years old, so an outdoor concert is planned. The other venue may be the Floral Pavilion. They are looking for sponsors - ring Derek on 200 8482.

Faron from Faron's Flamingo's appeared at Vale Park, with Merseycats, a couple of summers ago.

Faron has been suffering ill health in recent years and has just come out of hospital but is still a sixties' stalwart. Fellow stalwart rocker Allan Schroeder reckons Faron could do a new routine, a tribute to Dr Hook, sitting on a stool backed by live musicians. This would be less demanding than Faron's normal routine when he jumps up on tables!

Faron was at the 27 Club, the other night, playing a Dr Hook number.

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