JANET WALTON is actually much more than a mum-in-a-million - she is mother to the Walton sextuplets of Wallasey.

No doubt Hannah, Lucy, Ruth, Sarah, Kate and Jenny will be spoiling Janet this Mothering Sunday, a day of rest from her job as appeal administrator for the Newborn Appeal.

Jan certainly is a mum in a million when it comes to the Newborn Appeal, helping this charity reach a million pounds target to purchase life saving equipment for tiny, delicate new born babies.

Last Sunday Jan had a craft fair in Maghull for the appeal, while throughout March there are fund raising events. Then it is the Wirral Coastal Walk again on May 16.

Jan deserves to put her feet up this Mothering Sunday. Soon she and husband Graham will be doing the Wirral Coastal Walk again. Meeanwhile you can get a Newborn Appeal Panda pinbadge or keyring from Jan on 702-4194.

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