WIRRAL South MP is back in town this morning at Village Hotel, Bromborough, for a breakfast budget briefing with business people after an 18-hour flight from the Falklands.

His fact-finding visit pre-empted Prince Charles' Falklands tour. Mr Chapman visited many sites of epic incidents of the 1982 war during which Birkenhead-built HMS Coventry sank.

MPs laid a wreath at San Carlos war cemetery, where 14 British servicemen are buried.

"It is a very moving spot set against the beauty of the now tranquil San Carlos Water, which was 'Bomb Alley'," Mr Chapman says.

"The people of the Falklands are in good heart, despite earlier promises of finding oil and valuable minerals being, so far, unfounded.

"The local economy is good with the islands drawing money from licence fees for squid fishing by Japanese and Koreans among others. This is fortunate as the world price of sheep is at an all-time low."

Mr Chapman spoke to the local equivalent of the Wirral Globe - the Penguin News - and was interviewed by their 'Radio Merseyside' - The Falklands Islands Broadcasting Service, called FIBS!

He left behind a piece of Wirral: a civic plaque from Wirral Council Leader Dave Jackson and set up business links between the Falklands and Wirral.

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