From 'A. Plummer':-

Dear Councillor,

Well done!

What a great lark!

An r-and-b concert

To be held in Vale Park*.

With drums, harps and guitars,

They'll be strutting all their stuff.

Make sure the publicity's

Professional enough.

See the whole nation

Get sand in their shoes,

On the banks of the Mersey

With rhythm and blues.

Ensure there's no litter

Near this gig that you've brought us,

And let the nation enjoy

Our own muddy waters.

My mouth is now droolin',

My goosebumps are chillin'

When I read about one guy

Who does nothing but Dillon.

If they need some words

For the tunes they've composed

They can reach me through you

My address I've enclosed.

I'd be on stage myself,

But I'm just a strummer.

But I'll play air guitar,

Nice one!

Name and address supplied.

* They r-and-b concert is being held in Vale Park, Wallasey, this Saturday and Sunday (July 10/11).

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