From Ray Dowd, Principal, Wirral Metropolitan College:-

I REFER to the open letter from Dr Robert Brooks regarding the provision of higher education courses at Wirral Metropolitan College published in the Wirral Globe last week.

I wish to confirm that not only will the full range of courses currently on offer continue in September, 1999, but the college will look for opportunities to offer further provision at all levels from foundation to post-graduate and post-experience.

The governors have every intention of bidding for funds to expand rather than reduce the range of higher education programmes at Wirral College.

Wirral Metropolitan College offers a wide range of courses at all levels for the Wirral community and will continue to do so at all of its sites in September, 1999.

If your readers wish to find out about opportunities available during the Summer or commencing in September, the student services team would be pleased to provide advice and guidance on 551-7777.

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